Current courses

Current Courses


These are the courses we are currently teaching. But don't worry if it is too late for you to enrol, look at Up coming Courses for more fabulous calligraphy courses starting soon!

Express Modern Calligraphy

4 weeks course, 2-hour weekly session, £65


Thursday evenings 7pm to 9pm - 14th Sep to 5th Oct SOLD OUT


New! Saturday morning 10am to 12pm - 16th Sep to 7th Oct


Thursday evenings 7pm to 9pm - 12th Oct to 16th Nov SOLD OUT

(no sessions on 26th Oct and 2nd Nov)


All these are the same course. For a follow up course, please see Brush Lettering on Saturday mornings starting 14th October.


This course is the perfect introduction to Modern Calligraphy for beginners. You will learn how to write with a pointed nib and ink, basic principles of Modern Calligraphy and simple letter formation. It is a great opportunity for testing the water before embarking in learning a more challenging style.


Traditional Calligraphy: Copperplate Script (with strokes variation)

8 weeks course, 2-hour weekly session, £80


Monday evenings 7pm to 9pm - Mon 11th Sep to 13th Nov

(no sessions on 23rd Oct and 30th Oct)


Thursday mornings 10.30am to 12.30pm - Thu 14th Sep to 16th Nov

(no sessions on 26th Oct and 2nd Nov)


Please notice that both are the same course.


We will work with a fine variation on the Copperplate style, using some alternative strokes that add elegance and makes it visually lighter than the traditional hand. This variation works very well for texts written in an spiral shape or wavy lines, as well as flowing in a natural way when written in a straight line.

If you have already done Copperplate, it will be a great addition to your acquired skills. If you have accomplished Modern Calligraphy and would like to challenge yourself, Copperplate is the style on which all pointed pen modern calligraphy styles are based on.

Traditional Calligraphy: Foundational Hand

8 weeks course, 2-hour weekly session, £80


Tuesday evenings 6.30pm to 8.30pm - Tue 12th Sep to Tue 14th Nov

(no sessions on 24th Oct and 31st Oct)


Friday mornings 10am to 12pm - Fri 15th Sep to Fri 17th Nov

(no sessions on 27th Oct and 3rd Nov)


Please notice that both are the same course, so please enrol only in one of them.


The Foundational Hand was developed by Uruguayan British calligrapher Edward Johnston (1872-1944) at the turn of the 20th Century, from studies of 9th and 10th Century Carolingian manuscripts, in particular, the Ramsey Psalter. This beautifully designed alphabet offers a strong understanding of minuscule structure.

Modern Calligraphy: variation based on traditional Italic hand

8 weeks course, 2-hour weekly session, £80


Monday mornings 10.30am to 12.30pm - Mon 11th Sep to Mon 13th Nov SOLD OUT

(no sessions on 23rd Oct and 30th Oct)


Saturday afternoons 2pm to 4pm - Sat 16th Sep to Sat 18th Nov

(no sessions on 28th Oct and 4th Nov)


Please notice that both are the same course, so please enrol only in one of them.


Another variation of a traditional hand but with a modern twist, this intriguing style will look beautiful in wedding stationery or that special greeting card. It has a WOW factor determined by its elegant strokes, not as cursive as the more common modern style and with a strong reminiscence of traditional writing. This course is suitable for beginners and improvers.

Enrolment & Payment

Please click here to book your place on any course, we will contact you soon to complete your enrolment and payment.

The cost of our courses is:


Traditional or Modern courses (16 hours in 8 weeks) are £80

Short courses (8 hours in 4 weeks each) are £65

EXPRESS Modern Calligraphy courses (8 hours in 4 weeks) is £65


Places are reserved with advanced payment only.

Thanks for your interest in our courses.

What our students are saying about our Courses


"Calligraphy lessons with Rosana are a pleasure and I enjoy them immensely. The lessons take place in a supportive and friendly environment. They are perfectly paced with appropriate materials and I feel encouraged to develop my writing and incorporate what I have learnt into personal projects" Stephen G.


"I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your calligraphy classes! I have always envied people who were good at art and wished that I felt confident enough to make something creative and beautiful. You have help me to do just that. Thank you for taking care to give us easy to follow, step by step instructions that made each style come to life and eventually become our own. All the projects I have done have made me very proud and I still can’t quite believe they are my own work! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your classes to anyone interested in calligraphy – indeed I regularly do" Hannah M.


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